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Sixth Form

Sixth Form Scholarships

Scholars International Academy recognises academic achievement by rewarding learners with Sixth Form scholarships. These scholarships are designed to ensure that learners sustain academic growth in this two-year program and explore their utmost potential.

We offer two levels of scholarship to the learners.

Standard Scholarship (20%) – A minimum of 4A’s and 2B’s

Principal’s Scholarship – For exceptional learners who can demonstrate not only academic brilliance but also commitment to the school’s community through a willingness to take on responsibility and play a full part in the life of the school. These scholarships are awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

We welcome applicants who demonstrate proven academic strengths as well as interest and competency in the creative or performing arts.

All learners must be fluent in written and spoken English.

Applications to join the school in September 2020 are now open via our online application system on the Scholars International Academy website.

For more information on Sixth Form Scholarships, please feel free to contact Dima Chahoud, our Admissions Manager at:

When to Apply?

June 2022


By appointment


Our first round of conditional offers will be made in June, pending final IGCSE results. We also expect to place a limited number of candidates on our waiting list. All conditional offers are pending final IGCSE results.

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