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Secondary Stage

The Secondary Stage at Scholars International Academy ensures that our learners are getting the knowledge that would aid them in creating a prosperous future and making them global citizens. Once the learners are promoted to the secondary programme they are introduced to a greater degree of critical thinking and autonomy over their learning, making sure that the learners at SIA are well equipped for whatever challenges life may present them. Our goal is to collaborate with and continue the hard work of our Early Years and Primary Stage teachers in making sure our learners can be the best they can be.


The Secondary programme at SIA is divided in to different sections, each ending in formal examinations.

Year 7, 8 & 9

Year 10 & 11

Year 12 & 13

For Academic Year 23/24 we will be moving all of our A Level subjects to the Edexcel Exam Board

Our school practices great ethics and morals which are passed on to our learners in order to yield well disciplined, confident and respectful individuals who are ready to rise to any challenge that they may face and will represent our Academy with pride as they move on with their lives. 



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