Scholars International Academy

Newsletter 15

Dear SIA Community,

This is the first chance I have had to wish you happy new year and I hope I will be able to as I stand on the gate in the mornings next week.

It has been a challenging start to 2022 for us as a community and certainly not ideal to be mostly on distance learning due to the COVID situation. What I can promise you is that the team at SIA have been working hard to deliver a provision that meets expectations and planning ahead to be back in school next week should this have been the option you choose. One of the exciting new resources we are launching this term in Primary is Literacy planet which is a online programme that can be accessed any time by your children to support and develop literacy. Literacy planet has a proven track record and is a resource I have used with great success in former schools that I have led. Mr. Danny and Ms. Heather will be writing to the parent community to explain how it all works so that you are able to utilise this resource at home alongside the teachers using it to develop learning. No doubt it will become a part of the weekly home learning experience.

Thank you for your feedback on the school timings and to those who responded to the survey that was sent for the lower school. The timings will remain a work in progress for this half term as stated in my previous correspondence so that we can fully evaluate the impact on learning and gain further insight from SPEA. What I am aware of is that our approach is very much in keeping with the other British Schools in Sharjah and the Principals are working closely with each other during our HUB meetings. That said there will be some changes moving forward as our finish time moves to 13:00 for FS, 15.15 for Lower Primary and 15:30 across the rest of the school. Please keep in mind that changing a timetable with the short notice given is a challenge and I must thank the SLT for all the hard work on this. Timetabling is always complex and a timetable using is built over several weeks, with several drafts, as we have to consider multiple aspects such as coverage, compliance, when exams fit in, specialist lessons etc. Further information will come to you via the phase heads and if you have any questions, please do contact the school following the communication matrix.

As you are aware we are a school very much looking to drive standards and are on a journey towards gaining HPL accreditation. Part of our expectations of ourselves is a commitment to growing as individuals and as educators so that we can develop learning and support our students towards being successful and the potential leaders of tomorrow. I would like to take an opportunity to congratulate Ms, Daisy our FS/Lower school Assistant Phase Head who this week has passed her National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL). Well done to Ms. Daisy who is a real asset to the SIA community.

#growyourmind #bethebestyoucanbe

Take care.

James Batts