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High-Performance Learning

Our SIA High Performance Learning Journey

In August 2021, our staff at Scholars International Academy were introduced to High Performance Learning (HPL). This exciting and prestigious framework, only reserved for the most successful of schools, then embarked on its journey at SIA. Learners were introduced to the language and philosophy of HPL during the first year of adoption and its values, attitudes and attributes began to permeate throughout every aspect of school life; from revisiting of our class reward systems and school assemblies to reflecting upon our lesson planning and classroom monitoring processes. Significant changes were also made to our school documentation and marketing, and all our interactions with parents held HPL at the heart of any meeting. 

Since September 2022, our focus is on embedding the ideology and language of HPL much more deeply. Our staff and learners are expected to gain a heightened awareness of how HPL skills impact our ability to succeed and ‘be the best they can be’, both inside and outside of school. In Year 2 of the Award, we have also begun to develop our learner leaders and ensure their visibility across all areas of school life. Learners are beginning to use Meta-Cognition more effectively and have been exploring the need for Analysing and Linking in classes and in home learning tasks. In the Summer Term, we will be reflecting upon our journey and ensuring all the evidence is in order to ensure our place in the HPL Community. 

High Performance Learning (HPL)

is a mission-driven organisation, working with schools and teachers to change the face of education and deliver student high performance for the many – whatever their background – not the few. HPL is a global movement for change, for any school, any age, in any country. It operates in conjunction with any subject or curriculum.

HPL will be the framework we use to create our learning eco system, centred around developing Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs) and Advanced Characteristics (ACPs).

School Leaders can make a gear change in their school and significantly improve results. HPL can bring coherence to disparate initiatives with our overarching framework.

Teachers can develop each student rather than just covering content and create new ways of thinking about and teaching their subject. 

Students are encouraged and empowered to succeed. With High Performance Learning, they develop the values and skills they need to be college, work, and life ready. 

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